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FAQ-Start A Chapter
  • How often does the Women In Impact chapter meet?
    We meet once a month, usually the last week of the month but that can change depending on the month and public holidays.
  • How many people attend?
    This depends on the city, we have anywhere from 5 to 70 women attend our meetings each month.
  • Why is there a charge? began life as a tiny inspirations from FT Innovative Finance investing in good & UN #heforshe in Hong Kong initiative by Sally Tong in 2018 . Since then, step by step, we’ve worked incredibly hard to build up from our humble beginnings which runs events ,interviews and connects women ,men in Impact Space such as Companies , VC , professionals and Individuals all over the world. We want to continue sharing our success with many more women, men in many more cities. But like with any expanding and aspiring global enterprise, development and growth only come with investment. It is for this reason that we charge a small fee for attendance at While many impact or women clubs don’t charge to attend. The isn’t an ordinary Impact club – it offers our members so much more including a well-researched impact space list, fully planned events, great partnership perks from likeminded brands, global social networking and discussion questions; Impact events and social outings inclusion fabulous other amazing opportunities . And as our members & people from around the world have happily told us, it’s a small price to pay for the fantastic benefits in return. Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable.
  • There is no chapter near me, what do I do?"
    Get in touch – we might be able to start a new chapter near you! Otherwise, you’re welcome to join our social channels where you can discuss and contact us for your bright ideas .
  • How do I get involved?
    For now, please feel free to find your chapter and RSVP through our site or Start a Chapter , Be a writer ,suggest a speaker .If you have some bright ideas , please let us know !!
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