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Women In Leadership -The Way forward in Finance Industry Event in Bloomberg Hong Kong 2018

By Sally Tong ( @Sallytong ) Medium

My Call to Courage

Thank you for reading the post .

This Blog Post was written at the winter of 2018 .

I was holding back to post it . Just wonder if you feel the same one of those day that you are not brave enough to press the Post Button .

I guess that I got one of that kind of the day .

Today I read my post , Myself Talk was like : Sally , It is about you and the people who care about the future of our generation and the Next Gen "

My Heart say : Yes . The Call to Courage !

Like Brene Brown ( A Netflix Original Special )

So Here we are !! I answered my Call to Courage :)

Press the Courage Button !!

Below is the Post that I written in the winter of 2018.

About Women In Leadership -The Way Forward in finance industry event. Women In Impact Org Co Host event with Bloomberg HK on 18 of Sept , 2018 .

From the idea stage ,implement , co-ordinate for the event ,humbling sharing same stage with diverse background panel speakers.

Totally It took 2 and half month for all the organisation and getting clear what message that we want to share and spark the conversation !

It was an amazing & memorable experience for me personally !

I first hand experienced the Amazing Bloomberg inclusive culture and this is why they are a leading Role Model across different industries .

I feel Super Grateful for the Teams of Bloomberg HK sharing the value and together make it happened !!

This event was bringing together Innovators , Builder, University Students , Tech Savvy ,Visionaries , Investors & C Suits level executives .

I feel humble and honour to be part of the movement !

Elevate women and Girls to be the leader of life .

Panel Speakers includes these amazing women from different industries :

Caroline Darcy — Global Head -Advertising Sponsorship & Brand Activation Asia Pacific UBS

Carla Verena Nunez — Asia-Pacific Engineering Manager Bloomberg LP

( myself include)

Sally Tong — Manager Director of Dreams Matter Ventures


Moderator -Fion Li -Hong Kong Bureau Chief Bloomberg LP

Opening Remarks : Jodi Schneider

Senior International Editor and Co-chair of Bloomberg Women’s Community

Hong Kong Chapter

Bloomberg Hong Kong

Women & Leadership is an important and hot topic right Now .

From a Presidential Campaign . Senior Leadership role . Women In Tech and Science ,Female Venture Capitalist , to female millennials in different innovative sectors & many more !!

We can see women have been practicing leadership , making global contributions ,enabling positive changes , inspiring actions , addressing difficult problems in the world .

Women in all around the World

It is so exciting to see the current energy & momentum around the women’s leadership .

In the Panel discussion about :

How we can shape the future of work ,harness the power of talent toclosing the STEM & Stereotype of industries gender gap .

How can Leaders build and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce ?

Leadership is a Choice !!

Why “Purpose “ as a key element in a company’s mission & act an important element in business, initiative nowadays ?

How we can championing the social cause today and achieve success beyond the traditional obstacles , barriers ?

Looking back , looking forward and Looking onward !!

One Event is not going to address all the challenges and obstacles that we are facing !! However it is so important to gather all different background of people to discuss, listen , questions .

She Believed she could so she did !

What I truly believe is the force of everyone here that we believe that WE CAN DO IT together !!

Leading with purpose and taking the ideas to the front lines to support and solve the challenges in the community and the world .

Our diverse generation are purpose generation !!

Make your visions =BE YOU

I discover that these women and girls have certain qualities in their character , whether they are doing an act of leadership in the workplace or toward a cause !!

That qualities that make them a great leaders is as much who they are as it is about what they do !!

Leadership is a lifestyle ! Leadership is a choice !!

Author : Sally Tong copyright reserved 2019

Founder at Women In Impact - Initiatives

MD at Dreams Matter Ventures


Excerpt from Sally Tong Medium

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