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Women In Impact

Authenticity, Diversity,
Social Impact 

Take Leadership!

Leadership is a lifestyle .
Leadership is a Choice 

Inspired BY #heforshe from UN & Financial Times (FT) Innovative finance as a force for Global Change initiative by Sally Tong .

Gather Force  for Taking  The Leadership & Be the Lead for Change !

Making Innovation, Technology and Social Impact work for our Society Now &  Future!!

About WII






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Building The Platform for Global Impact ecosystem with

East -West -Men-Women Collaboration & Innovation!


We Advocate Diversity, Social Impact  and Authentic Relationship ! 

Developing a  Circle of Impact influence in our Future World!


Empower  Women  & Next Gen to Succeed in Three Ways:
Education, Connection and Professional advocacy


Creating space to learn about the Impact ,Innovation and alternative investment, share expertise, experience and challenges celebrate accomplishment.


Connecting with like mind people with  mission driven spirit interested in and working in the Impact,Innovation communities through Networking and special events, as well as through different partnership conferences.

Professional advocacy:

Aim for  increase career opportunities for Tech, Innovation and Impact Industries .

Invest in Our Future


Join WII Chapters around the World ,Together Spark Meaningful Conversation,

              Inspire leadership, entrepreneurship, personal success and express vulnerability.

           Cultivating & Nurturing Young Impact Starters, bridge the gap to Impact Investing! 

The Talks - Events & Interviews

Bringing Powerful Stories To Life !

Featuring  Brands, organizations, individuals's

Works, Arts, Stories & Campaigns!


Let's begin  Bold Journey to connect the world's most influential humans ,

Entrepreneurs | Athletes | Musicians & Artists | Politicians |Bold Foundations | Authors | Investors | Explorers & Innovators | Creators ..and You !! 

Reimagine the Social Impact and Investing for Good Together ! 

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Join the Circle

Get Involved!

Join Impact Savvy Circle by Women In Impact ! 

Inspire, Connect & Develop Purposeful Collaboration !

Let's Spark the conversations together !! 

When you faced with the choice, Choose Leadership!

Enabling positive change, inspiring action, addressing difficult Issues, moving communities forward !

Looking forward to seeing you hop on the Impact Adventures

About The Founder

Initiative by Sally Tong

Sally Tong - Women in Impact - Managing Director of Dreams Matter Ventures
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Sally Tong Born and Raised in Hong Kong .

With a core background as CEO & Founder for 20 years,

Sally has comprehensive experience in leadership Engagement & communication,Strategic Partnership and Execution across APAC .

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 1.25.02 AM.png

In 2012 Denim Handcrafter -A Little Shop of Happiness was born out of her love for

Green &Slow Movement . Sally is a Strong  Advocate in Sustainability & Well Being ! 

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 1.23.23 AM.png

​In 2017 She initiated Dreams Matter Ventures with the Mission to  Empower in Next Gen Potentials.

In same year, September, she cohosted her  WII event with Bloomberg HK.

The Discussion is about the Future of Work , Diversity and Education . 


WOMEN IN IMPACT Initiatives - Bloomberg HK Co Host Event

Screenshot 2019-04-10 at 1.14.29 AM.png

 Sally Start her Blog  in 2019 -SPARK JOY INVEST 

An Unconventional Guide for The Every Day Investor 
A Holistic approach for Voting Money,Energy ,Time for a Mission

Sally  was inspired by   "MARIE KONDO " Author of 

"The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

The Method of How to Measure Our Feelings 

"Does it Spark Joy ? "

Being an Impact investor & Serial Entrepreneur, one of her mission is growing & nurturing a Social Impact environment.

Join the Community

Join the Community.

BE WII members 

Make an Impact Together !

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Authenticity, Diversity, Inclusion
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